What are the benefits the loyalty programs on B2B e-commerce websites?

Zoé Kahn

The B2B e-commerce market is highly competitive today and loyalty programs are the ideal tool for customer loyalty.

For retailers, loyalty programs are an effective way to increase conversions, retain existing customers, and expand the customer base. In this article, we explain what loyalty programs for e-commerce companies.

What is a loyalty program?

To make sure we talk about the same thing, start with a small definition.

Loyalty programs are long-term marketing efforts designed to reward and encourage customers who frequently make purchases from a company. Customer loyalty is a customer’s desire to stay with a brand because of a positive customer experience and the value it derives from the transaction. B2B e-commerce site loyalty programs have the potential to increase customer loyalty and total revenue and help you stand out from your competitors. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of loyalty programs in e-commerce.

4 key benefits of loyalty programs for your B2B e-commerce site

Loyalty to existing customers

Loyalty programs are not intended to reward customers with points or discounts. Of course, people will probably appreciate the monetary benefits but customer recognition is also extremely important. By offering your customers exclusive personalized offers and rewards, you can not only increase your profit margins but, also improve customer loyalty.

Collect relevant customer data

Customer purchasing behavior data is the most important data available to retailers. With a loyalty program, you can do special research and discover the types of incentives that encourage your customers to buy your products or use your services. This allows you to create personalized offers and rewards to make your customers even happier.

Increase the customer’s lifetime value

The Lifetime Value of the Customer (CLV) is the total amount a customer earns for your e-commerce business over a period of time. CLV data includes how often people buy, how much money they spend, and how long they stay with your brand. By implementing a loyalty program, you can increase your CLV, which can have a significant impact on the success of your business. For example, rewarding a customer with points increases the chances that they will buy back from you, extending their life with your shop.

Reduce promotional costs

Through loyalty programs, retailers can target advertising to each member of the program and measure the response rate to those ads.

Types of loyalty programs for your e-commerce site B2B

Now that we’ve figured out what programs are and what benefits they can bring to your business, let’s find out what different types of programs you can set up on your B2B e-commerce site.

Points programs

Points programs are the most popular type of loyalty program among e-commerce companies. A points program works in a simple way: customers earn reward points for every purchase made. These points can be translated into money, discounts, and other things. The most essential thing with this methodology is to make the conversion of points into simple and intuitive benefits.

Level systems

Multi-level programs motivate customers to earn more points and receive exclusive benefits. With tiered systems, customers don’t lose interest in participating; not only do they collect reward points but, they also get a status that makes them feel recognized and unique.

Providing levels is an excellent approach that provides your customers with a goal to achieve and makes them feel valued. This system also allows e-commerce sites to be exclusive and stand out from their competitors to segment their customers into low, medium, and high consumers and finally to use email customization based on customer levels.

Subscription programs

A new trend is also emerging in B2B, especially on subscription platforms such as webinar: Zoom, GoToWebinar, or others. These are subscription loyalty programs. They are rapidly gaining popularity because of their ability to open new horizons to customers. Customers subscribe to a more or less expensive subscription to benefit from a more or less expanded range of functionality.

Note that the latter type of loyalty programs applies more in the context of the sale of services, although it would be possible to set up a similar system for the sale of products.

Conclusion Words

The loyalty program feature is available on Uppler. It can help you retain your customer as part of a B2B e-commerce site or as part of a marketplace, it is one more tool available to sellers who will be able to set it up.


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