Key features of our marketplace solution and e-procurement platform

We provide the most reliable B2B software to fit your business and answer your needs. Wether you are retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, entrepreneur we have a solution for you.


Uppler : A marketplace solution and an e-procurement platform made for your company

B2B companies are more and more thinking about buying on internet or proposing a new online experience. But that does not mean to copy what it exists on the B2C market because transactions are more regulated and exchanged products and services are more specific.

Uppler offers B2B marketplace and e-procurement solution for professionals in every industries. Its first version was created to answer the new way of doing business with the idea to create the most easy-to-use solution. The solution has evolved but its all-in-one solution format remains.

Commercialized as a Saas (Software as a service), the solution keeps evolving all the time. Our clients will benefit from every development wether improvements, maintenance or new features.

In order to make our marketplace solution performed, our main mission is to embelish the solution with as many B2B features as possible to satisfy our clients and answer their needs. Thanks to this B2B positionning, we are now able to offer a second solution for building e-procurement platform. Our clients could gather all their tools in one and unique place.

Why choosing an all-in-one solution ?

We made the choice to create and commercialise an all-in-one solution to offer the best to our clients. Indeed they would have only one interlocutor for the maintenance, hosting and management of the platform. The all-in-one solution also allows to avoid any additonal costs related to the construction of the platform. Uppler integrated both of the 3 interfaces and will adjust it to your identity.

What is a Saas solution ?

A Saas (Service as a software) solution is a method of software delivery. The code of the different platfom using this software is common. It also means every platform will keep be maintaining and will enjoy from the new available features features requested by the others.


B2B catalog management

PDF catalogs

More than an online catalog, vendors have the possibility to download a PDF catalog. It could be really usefull when particpating to fairs or exhibitions.

Multiple references search

Help your buyers finding in one click all the references they are looking for

Filtering menu

Make the search through products easy with the filtering system which is displayed in the pages listing products


Build trust on your marketplace thanks to our reviews and notation feature

Price variations

Let suppliers set price variation depending on client types, groups or quantity ordered

Multi currency

Allow your vendors to deal with a large panel of currencies and conclude transactions with a maximum of buyers

Multi-Inventory management

Vendors can manage their stock level in different inventories and warehouse location, and provide buyers with accurate availability information


B2B ordering management

RFQ - Requests for quotations

Offer your buyers a new buying prospective with the possibility to ask for quotations

RFP - Requests for proposal

Offer your clients the possibility to make unusual request in your marketplace by sending RFP to one or several vendors

Easy B2B checkout

Focused on user experience we built the easiest check-out process as possible in order to improve quality of every transcations and satisfy every buyers

Integrated invoicing tool

We try to facilitate your orders and invoices management by integrating both of them at the same place in our marketplace solution

Payment terms

Offer different payment methods (bank wire, direct debit, credit card...) and payment in several installments to your clients

Integrate external payment system

You are free to choose with which payment provider you would like to work with

Credit risk

Guarantee all the transactions on the marketplace with dedicated credit insurance from our partners

Dispute management

In case of disagreement, users on the marketplace get the possibility to create disputes and moderate what is going wrong (a product is missing or broken, the delivery is late,…) and authorize refunds and special offers


Advanced user management

Privacy settings

Let suppliers manage their own level of privacy with custom catalog access and price visibility settings

Internal messaging

Our marketplace solution provides you an internal messaging system similar to those you can find on social networks

Email notifications

Fully integrate your marketplace solution in the day life or your users. They will receive an email for every action that happens in the marketplace : new orders, new invoices, RFP request, new ratings or even internal message

Subscription management

Create different feature access to your platform depending on subscription levels, and generate subscription invoices through the platform

Social features

Enhance communication with profiles, news feed, shop-in-shop and notifications

Multiple languages

Attract a lot of international buyers on the platform thanks to our marketplace solution which allow you to build a multi-languages marketplace


Monitoring and integration features

Reporting and analytics

Track and forecast actions on your platform with a full suite of reporting tools and your own tracking codes.

Data importer

An easy solution to import fast every products/services inside our B2B software

On-demand integrations

Let your B2B sellers and buyers request integrations between the marketplace and their own softwares.

Security by design

Ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data with encryption, multiple data centers and backup systems

Custom features development

Request specific features development to make your platform unique, and comply with legal and technical requirements

API integration

Connect any additional tool for you or for your vendors directly to our marketplace solution

Responsive design

Our marketplace solution is designed to be used on every supports : desktops, mobiles and tablets


3 solutions to create your B2B platform

B2B marketplace

Complete solution to connect professional buyers to vendors in any industry through your own B2B marketplace

E-procurement platform

Get your supply chain to the next level with your own private marketplace, from sourcing to invoice

B2B e-commerce website

Create your custom B2B webshop and point of sale system to digitalize your B2B sales, thanks to our all-in-one solution


Free ressources to get your project started

White paper

How to create a B2B marketplace

our white paper on b2b marketplace creation and how to choose appropriate software


Digital strategies for B2B e-commerce

conference on digital strategies for b2b ecommerce

Business Plan

Template for a multi-vendor platform

business plan template for a marketplace

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Morgan Clark

Platform manager at Label Corner

"Customer service is highly responsive and the plateform is easy to use.
The solution has a great adaptability, great value for money and enables a fast implementation"