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In order to help you understand the meaning and the stakes of B2B marketplaces and e-procurement platforms for you company, we take the time to answer all your questions. If you need additional answers, feel free to contact us.

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We introduce to you all the main definitions required to understand all the emerging platforms which could interest you in the near future.

What is a B2B marketplace ?

A B2B marketplace is an online website which connects many sellers and many buyers from the same industry in order to create and develop transactions between them.

What is an e-procurement platform ?

An e-procurement platform is an online tool for your company. Its role is to facilitate the management of the entire procurement workflow. It gathers all suppliers and be the main access point for all your buying entities (collaborators or subsidiaries) for making internal purchases. You can get more details about our solution here.

What are the differences between B2B e-commerce website, dropshipping and B2B marketplace ?

‍The three of them represents an online platform which welcomes transactions between vendors and buyers. The only difference concerns the presence of users (buyers and sellers) and the way they act.

  • On B2B e-commerce websites, we identify only one vendor facing a multitude of buyers. As an example of this kind of platform, we can cite moo.com or quill.com.
  • B2B marketplaces gather many sellers and many buyers. The best example for it is Amazon Business. Every transaction could connect a buyer to a new vendor.
  • Dropshipping platform is a kind of B2B marketplace with many sellers and buyers. But buyers will only be in contact with one vendor who has the role of intermediary. This specific vendor, that we can call ‘dropshipper’ will manage all the transactions between buyers and vendors without handling with stocks. Stocks are managed by final vendors, who will be in charge of delivery.

What does Saas mean ? Why is it advantageous to use a Saas solution ?

Saas is for Software as a Service. It means that the code would be common for every user employing the software. It involves that every user will benefit from evolutions, and new development made on the solution.


The Uppler solution

Focus on the Uppler solution to understand better its specifics and its functioning.

What is Uppler ?

Uppler is a B2B marketplace solution for developing your business online by creating new relationships and transactions between sellers and buyers in the same industry.From beginning 2019, Uppler is also an e-procurement solution thought to facilitate the management of the entire procurement workflow in your company.Uppler differs from other solutions because we have for main objective to provide you what is the best et what can benefit quickly to your business:

  • Specialized B2B: regarding our positioning, we have already met a lot of professional problematics and got the time to develop many features that could be useful for your company.
  • All-in-one solution: Uppler integrates the three interfaces (front-office, middle-office, back-office) which are required to manage a B2B marketplace or an e-procurement platform. All you need is included and you won’t need to manage any additional developments on your side. The only things that remain to be defined will be designed and user experience.
  • Saas mode: Your platform will regularly be updated with improvements and new features that could benefit from your business.

What are your references ?

Here are some references in different industries from food to automotive :

Why Uppler defines itself as a white label solution ?

Companies which create their marketplaces with Uppler, will get the possibility to make their own design and draw their own user experience by modifying a certain number of elements. We also give you the possibility to choose your own URL.

What is the business model of Uppler ?

The business model of Uppler is simple and takes into consideration the financial well-being of its clients. Indeed, it is based on fixed monthly fees, with no commission or addition fees of set-up.It ensures our clients a stability and a good visibility on long-term period.

Can we link the Uppler solution directly with an internal software ERP or CRM used in our company ?

Our solution has been thought for being connected to additional tools, which already exist into your company. The objective is really to facilitate all-around your business or inside your company.

We will be able to develop connectors in order to connect your external tools and the one from your vendors. And we also give you the possibility to do it on your own by giving you access to a complete documentation about our API.

How the catalog is structured in the Uppler solution ?

The Uppler solution offers the best system for classifying and categorizing products on a marketplace or on an e-procurement platform. We use a PIM (product information management) to centralize and manage all data around products.As soon as you would import products inside our platform they will be automatically classified according to categories, properties, delivery methods, taxes, and other information you would like to link your products to.

How many vendors and buyers can we integrate into the Uppler solution (marketplace or e-procurement) ?

The Uppler solution does not limit the number of sellers and buyers that could be registered on the platform neither technical nor financial. The only limit is the one coming from the server. If you get too much traffic, we will recommend you go for a server with more capacity (with more space) and not slow down the website.

Is it possible to configure negotiated prices in the Uppler e-procurement platform ?

We anticipated that some vendors could propose preferred prices for some buyers (a question of fidelity for example) and so, offer on the platform a new feature for creating specific contracts between sellers and buyers.


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