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Food and Beverage B2B marketplace

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Food and Beverage industry is a very unique market which requires dedicated features to manage the entire process. The Uppler solution is used to work with this industry and offer the most advanced features.


The Uppler solution offers you the possibility to manage products with variable quantities as meat or cheese for example, where the price will depend on the weight. Indeed the platform enables a variation on price depending on a defined percentage. And so the buyer, by processing with orders for these items accepts to get a variation on the final price.


Express delivery for fresh products, low temperature for frozen products, etc. In order to fit all the possible delivery methods which exist in your business, the Uppler solution integrates a very complete feature to enable every vendor to create and manage their own shipping methods.


The food and beverage industry implies most of the time to deliver items to restaurant. In addition to some fresh food they would pick according to their inspiration, they will need some recurring items (beverages, sauces ,etc.). On the platform they can easily create recurring orders for some products and then do not have to bother and to be delivered at a fixed date.

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Morgan Clark

Platform manager at Label Corner

"Customer service is highly responsive and the plateform is easy to use.
The solution has a great adaptability, great value for money and enables a fast implementation"