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The pharmaceutical industry is a very specific market which requires very detailed information and very precise workflow. The Uppler solution is used to work with this industry and offers the most advanced features.


In the Pharmaceutical industry, each products gathers a lot of information. For a better research, products will be classified with categories and properties. The complete PIM technology enables to classify automatically each product with a high level of precision and then improve navigation of buyers.


Names of the products are very complex and can have a lot of ways of writing. That is why it requests to get an advanced system of research to understand all types of writing and bring buyers directly to the right product.


As promotions are often used in the pharmaceutical industry, the Uppler solution integrates a very flexible feature to treat and propose a wide range of promotional types. Every seller on your marketplace will be able to create special offers as two products at the price for one, One product free for Two buying products, and so on…

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Morgan Clark

Platform manager at Label Corner

"Customer service is highly responsive and the plateform is easy to use.
The solution has a great adaptability, great value for money and enables a fast implementation"