Start to create a marketplace with a MVP

Zoé Kahn

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the minimum feature set of your B2B marketplace that will allow you to test and have a first overview of your final marketplace.

Is it usefull to start with an MVP ?

Opinions on this subject are diversified. With a Saas solution like Uppler, we think that it is the best way to understand the platform even if it is only for you and not for distributing on the market. And moreover, maybe our solution already gather everything you need.

Create quickly your global b2b marketplace

A Saas solution is delivered with a maximum of features you will need for your marketplace. The most essential ones. So, beginning with an MVP lets team understand the platform and focus on the main workflows of your platform.

Once tested, it would be easier to think about new features and how to develop them according to your needs. And no need to adjust some features you had already developed without starting with an MVP.

Time for developments will be optimized and more efficient.

Save money

As the famous proverb says « time is money ». Making additional development with a Saas solution is the longest part and so the most expensive one. That’s why if you save time for development, you will spend less money or develop maybe more features for the same price.

In the case of other solutions, additional developments may be required to hire a developer or to outsource the work, which would train some additional costs. (More information available in this article)

Improve onboarding of sellers and buyers

It is also a good way to onboard sellers and buyers on your B2B platform. Feeling integrated into the project they will appreciate it and be happy to integrate your marketplace as soon as it will be launched.

Moreover, it is a good way for you to be sure that the features you want to develop fit their needs. You could give an overview of the marketplace to your sellers and ask them to share with you their point of view and eventual recommendations for their business.

Choosing to start with an MVP for your B2B marketplace is a good way to be efficient regarding the building phase and the onboarding process, which are the base to create a successful platform whether it is B2B marketplace or e-procurement platform.


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