Why choosing a Saas marketplace software?

Zoé Kahn

Companies that embark on the creation and marketing of marketplace software choose for the most part SaaS (Software as a service) or open source solutions. In this article, we give you an overview of these two solutions for B2B marketplaces, as well as the benefits of the Saas model chosen for Uppler.

Open-Source Solution definition

Open source software refers to any marketplace solution whose source code is available for use and modifications without refering the solution builder. Open source software is usually developed as a public collaboration and made freely available.

Saas Solution definition

A Saas marketplace software is a distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts the applications and makes them available to its customers via the internet.

The advantages of a Saas marketplace software

More than only hosting, the marketplace provider will continue developing on its solution and creating new evolutions. And so, marketplaces, thanks to that, will continue growing and acquiring new features.

Moreover, we think that choosing a Saas marketplace software for building an online marketplace is a great idea because the marketplace software provider will deal with most of the technical aspects.

  • For example, the Uppler solution offer our clients a b2b marketplace software with no management regarding every technical aspect:
  • • Webhosting is handling on our side
  • • Every technical bug is caring by our software provider team
  • • No need to install an application on computers. The marketplace software is completely managed online.

And regarding the financial aspect, it will be advantageous:

  • • Only one recipient to manage
  • • Less expensive because all the big expenses related to set-up, webhosting, infrastructure are handled by the marketplace software provider.

To conclude, Saas marketplace software offers a large panel of advantages if you do not have any technical skills and would prefer to focus on your marketplace project.


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