5 questions to choose your marketplace solution

Zoé Kahn

Wether it is BtoB or BtoC, we saw a worldwide evolution in the use of e-commerce websites. That is why more and more companies want to adapt their business to conquer the internet.

And before launching, every companies will have to choose how to build the markeptlace, internally or externally. If companies decide to choose to use an existing software, they will have to choose the most adapted marketplace solution.

How to take the right solution ?

Which features for your marketplace solution ?

First advice we can give to every companie looking for marketplace solution is to list all the required features ; divided into priority levels.

Or if you and your company are not familiar with features, start to make a list with every action you would like to handle on the markeptlace.

  • • Which specificities for my product catalog?
  • • Need to handle with payment?
  • • Create any promotion?
  • • How to manage invoicing?

• ….

Once you get this, you will be able to contact the marketplace’s providers and discuss your needs. It will give you a first idea of what you can expect from each marketplace solution.

The list of every features available in the marketplace solution powered by Uppler is available HERE!

Which user experience for your marketplace solution ?

To complete the first phase, your second objective is to be sure that you'll get the best user interface. It is not necessary to have the best feature if users do not use your platform because of its complexity.

The purpose of your marketplace is to make your users stay and to use it. So take time to understand how the different marketplace solutions work and privilege the most intuitive one.

Which time-to-market for setting-up your marketplace solution ?

If you want to launch a marketplace every provider should understand that you would like to create it the fastest as possible in order to catch up the market at the right time.

And the good news is that with a Saas solution, time for building and implementing is reduced. With Uppler, we are able to deliver you a first version of the minimum valuable product (MVP)  in approximately one month.

If your marketplace requires some additional features, the creation period will be longer. Do not forget to integrate this additional time into your planning.

Which budget for your marketplace solution ?

Of course, there is a financial question when speaking about marketplace creation. And you are the only decision maker. Take the time to study every proposal and face it to your requirements.

The offers form all marketplace providers would be different and that is why you will get variant price estimates. Be careful with the potential additional costs.

The Uppler solution, as an all-in-one solution, proposes a complete platform that already integrates the 3 interfaces for B2B e-commerce. So, as you can imagine, the evolution of prices is limited.

Which provider’s remuneration for your marketplace solution?

And take into consideration what would be the remuneration of your marketplace provider. Most of Saas solution has a system based on an operating system license in addition to fees on operator sales.

At Uppler we prefer a fixed and monthly fee and avoid our customers to be surprised and si dissatisfacted.

Now it is your turn to choose the best solution for your marketplace creation. If you need some additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.


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