How to Write Product Descriptions for a B2B Marketplace

Zoé Kahn

When you’re a vendor in a B2B marketplace or any other kind of B2B digital commerce, you’re fighting several battles on different fronts, at the same time. You need to deal with advertising, networking, sealing new deals, and creating a great product offer. There are so many pieces of the puzzle that need to fit together to make sure you are doing some stunning B2B sales. A product description is one of those pieces.

Writing the perfect product description is one of the keys to increasing your sales and increasing your chances of doing great business. That's why we've put together this guide, to help you master product descriptions and learn how to write them.

Here’s how to write product descriptions for a B2B marketplace. Let’s take it one step at a time.

Know Customers’ Needs

Starting with the basics, you must understand who your ideal customer is and what are their primary needs.

For each product that you want to describe, you must point out:

  • • the problems it solves
  • • the way it makes their life easier or better
  • • the needs it will help them satisfy
  • This makes a direct connection between the product and the customer, and that’s what gets them thinking about buying.

Short & Concise

Your product description needs to have an opening paragraph.

This paragraph should be only a couple of sentences long, but should provide all the key information:

  • • Product type
  • • Product purpose
  • • Design & style information
  • • Product story

This opening paragraph needs to sum up everything about the product that matters to the buyer, to motivate them to keep reading and purchase the product.

Use Product Features

For each product that you are trying to sell, there’s a list of features that you need to use to give your customers a reason to buy it.

That means that your product description can incorporate:

  1. • A clearly written list of best product features
  1. • Categorization of features
  1. • The benefits of each feature

You have to tell your potential buyers exactly what you offer and how carefully you’ve created that offer to suit their needs.

Support with Multimedia

Writing great product descriptions for your B2B marketplace goes far beyond written content. It's actually about the combination of written, visual, and even sound elements that you need to incorporate in a product description.

To put it simply, you need to support your product descriptions using multimedia such as images and videos.

Visuals are great for making product descriptions:

  • • Understandable
  • • More appealing
  • • Easy to digest

That’s why you have to incorporate multimedia into your product description.

Use Storytelling

In order for your B2B marketplace product description to work, you need to ensure there’s a direct connection between professional buyers and vendors.

Storytelling is a great tool to boost the emotional side of your potential customers and get those buyers to create a connection with you.

To use storytelling as a part of your product description strategy, you should:

  • • Address a specific type of audience
  • • Create characters, plots, and storylines
  • • Use real-life examples
  • • Tell the details about the production team or cycle

Storytelling can help professional buyers understand your products are a perfect fit for them and give them a push in the right direction to do business with you.


Search Engine Optimization might not be relevant for every product as many B2B platforms close their product listings from Google. However, SEO can give you a competitive advantage if your marketplace is open for indexing by search engines. In this case, you can use the power of SEO to make sure potential customers find your products easier and you rank higher in Google search results.

SEO in product descriptions implies:

  • • Using the right keywords
  • • Avoiding keyword stuffing
  • • Using everyday language
  • • Optimizing URLs
  • • Optimizing for voice searches

Use the best affordable essay writing service that can help you with your writing and make sure you post nothing but great product descriptions.

Concluding words

When you are writing product descriptions for a B2B marketplace, you need to make sure potential clients have everything they need. Make it easy for them to find the information they need and give them the experience you know they deserve.

Use the tips provided above to start writing effective and powerful B2B marketplace product descriptions, today.


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