Rungis (B2B marketplace) : How to shift from a physical market to digital market?

Customer Challenge

The International market of Rungis, with an area of 234 hectares on the outskirts of Paris, is the largest Market for fresh foods inthe world: 5 Worlds (fish, meat, fruits & vegetables, dairy products and flowers). The Market is managed by SEMMARIS. Its main missions are development, exploitation, commercialization and promotion of Rungis market infrastructure.

The Rungis market wants to become the leader in the online agri-food market where no other company has managed to stand out.

The B2B marketplace solution

By offering this B2B marketplace, the Parisian market wants to allow buyers to enjoy the best that Rungis has to offer in a single order.

Rungis can rely on its strong brand. The sellers on the physical market are available on the digital platform .

The first big challenge was to structure highly specific data and succeed in harmonizing heterogeneous data from many sellers.

The second challenge was to be able to offer a logistic service by collecting products in one shipment, to support the many sellers and to integrate a payment solution (Webhelp).

Why Uppler?

The International market of Rungis chose Uppler for:

- His knowledge of B2B market

- Its PIM feature (Product Information Management) (Example: the name of the fish in Latin)

- Its quote request feature

- Its all-in-one solution (front, middle and back office)


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Why choose Uppler?

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Morgan Clark

Platform manager at Label Corner

"Customer service is highly responsive and the plateform is easy to use.
The solution has a great adaptability, great value for money and enables a fast implementation"