HelloPro (B2B marketplace) : How to transform a directory of suppliers into a transactional platform?

Customer Challenge 

Hellopro is the first network platform that connects buyers and suppliers in France. The services are aimed at all professionals, regardless of their lines of business. Hellopro references 15,000 suppliers and more than one million products. The 9,000 product categories meet all business needs.

Professional buyers can find any type of product and to request quotes, including complex machines (industry). This platform did not include a transactional tool. Hellopro wanted to set up the transactional part.


The B2B marketplace solution

Uppler kept the front office of HelloPro and connected the middle and back office of its B2B marketplace solution. All the product sheets have been filled in to put them on sale on the platform. Sellers had to fill out KYC forms including banking details to enable online payment. The subtlety of the project was to easily switch from the “HelloPro” front office to order generation in the Uppler solution.

The multi-industry platform required the implementation of a flexible product catalog structure. This multi-industry segment is highly competitive and faces platforms like Amazon Pro. However, HelloPro capitalizes on non-existent products on other platforms such as complex products.

Why Uppler?

Hellopro chose the Uppler Marketplace solution for:

- Its features: quote management, order management, etc.

- Its ability to make this transition while taking account high volume business.

- Its ability to connect the seller (middle) and operator (back) compenents to the HelloPro front office, i.e. a “Headless” architecture

URL: https://www.hellopro.fr/

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Morgan Clark

Platform manager at Label Corner

"Customer service is highly responsive and the plateform is easy to use.
The solution has a great adaptability, great value for money and enables a fast implementation"